Can You Help? How Accident Victims Can Take Action


There's no need to take a backseat after a car accident. To make sure that you are paid the compensation you deserve, you might want to be proactive and take actions that are sure to promote a successful case. Don't just sit back and let a bad driver deprive you of medical expenses, lost wages, property, and peace of mind. Read on and take action to assure compensation.

Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself

You can do real damage to your case by speaking out. Only you and your personal injury lawyer need to know anything about the case. That means staying off of social media—no matter how much it would help you to have some support and sympathy. Another hot button moment is the phone call from the other driver's insurance adjuster. The adjuster is not on your side and could trick you into saying something (a recorded something) that you did not mean and that could hurt your case. You don't have to speak to anyone about the accident so clam up and concentrate on healing from your injuries.

Don't Let Your Medical Condition Go Untreated

A car accident personal injury case is nothing without injuries, and those injuries are nothing without proof of treatment. If you have any hope of gaining compensation after a wreck, see a doctor. You must show that you are being treated and are following medical advice.

Leave Negotiations to Your Lawyer

Once the other side realizes that their client is at fault, a deal may be in the offing. You may be offered a settlement that is supposed to cover your damages – but it never does. Rather than try to come up with a settlement figure that sounds right to you, let it go. Negotiating an accident settlement that is fair and comprehensive should be the job of a personal injury lawyer.

Gather Needed Documents

Your attorney needs some stuff from you, and showing up at your first appointment is sure to get things off quickly. You should be ready with the accident report. You can attain one from the law enforcement agency that responded to the accident. Next, be ready with a summary of your medical treatment and expenses so far. The dollar amount of your treatment is very important to your case. Finally, if you missed work, be sure to provide proof of your lost wages using a pay statement or stub.

Your personal injury lawyer probably has a few more ways for you to contribute to your case. Speak to a personal injury lawyer today.


23 November 2020

Personal Injury Lawyers: A Unique Viewpoint

Did you know that many personal injury and car accident cases do not even end up being heard in front of a judge or jury? That's because most defendants would rather settle out of court so that they do not have to go through the expense and annoyance of a lengthy court battle. Personal injury attorneys need to be prepared for this. In addition to being ready to defend their clients in court, they need to be skilled negotiators. As you can see, this is a job that requires many diverse skills! Learn more about those skills, and about personal injury attorneys in general, right here on this site.