Convincing An Automotive Insurer To Pay For Job Retraining After An Accident


Sometimes a car accident victim cannot continue with the occupation he or she had been doing for many years. This individual may want the automotive insurance company to pay for job retraining instead of getting disability benefit payments. Insurance adjusters are not always cooperative about that request. The person may consult with a car accident attorney to learn the probability of receiving this compensation.

Partial Disability

Serious vehicle collisions can leave victims with a permanent partial disability, such as chronic back or knee pain after a fracture. An individual who worked in roofing or carpentry may be unable to do those jobs anymore. It's often too difficult to climb ladders as well as kneel, squat, and bend throughout the workday after a serious injury. Some partially disabled individuals cannot stand for several hours or do any heavy lifting.

Verification of Disability

The individual must provide verification that working in the previous job is no longer possible. At least one doctor must confirm that surgery, treatments, medicine, and physical therapy cannot boost abilities any further.

Skilled Occupation Examples

If this person wants to continue working and have comparable pay, retraining for a skilled occupation could be necessary. Associate degrees are awarded in computer information technology, programming and coding, and graphic design. Technical school training also is available to work in electronics, computer hardware repair and engineering.

Case Workers

The patient may want to ask the doctor or physical therapist to assign a case worker regarding retraining. Case workers are knowledgeable about suitable jobs for individuals with certain types of disabilities. They can provide information about educational programs. This consultation can make it easier for a disabled person to decide on occupational goals.

Being Reasonable

The claimant must be reasonable regarding how much the insurer will pay. An auto accident lawyer may persuade the adjusters to provide compensation for technical school coursework, for example. However, the insurer is unlikely to pay for a bachelor's degree. A college degree is not essential to master the necessary skills for a well-paying occupation.

Moving Forward

After the injured person and the attorney agree to work together, the lawyer begins communicating with the insurer. The accident victim should no longer communicate directly with adjusters or other representatives. The goal is to increase the existing settlement offer to include a specific amount for job training.

Once an attorney is involved, insurance companies are more motivated because they dislike the risk of going to trial. They know a jury might award significantly more than the claimant had requested.


19 March 2021

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