What's To Know About Getting Into An Accident With A Big Rig Truck


You're likely familiar with what to do if you get into an accident with another passenger vehicle on the road. However, do you know what to do if that accident is with a big rig truck? Here are some tips that will help you navigate the differences. 

The Cause Of The Accident Can Be Different 

One of the big differences with a big rig truck accident is how the accident is caused. If the truck driver was the one at fault, know that it is possible that the accident was caused by fatigue due to too many hours on the road. While this can be a problem with passenger vehicle accidents as well, it is much more likely to happen with a big rig truck driver. 

The key to proving fatigue will be to work with a lawyer that can gather the evidence that is needed. For example, are there logs that document the number of hours that a truck driver has been working? If so, your lawyer can even review those records to ensure that they are accurate based on where the truck driver has been.

The Truck Maintenance Can Be An Issue

Maintaining a fleet of trucks can be expensive, especially when there is pressure to increase profits. That is why the maintenance of the truck has to be evaluated to determine if it is the cause of the accident. If your lawyer has any suspicion that this is why the truck driver got into an accident, they'll investigate maintenance laws and find out what work has and has not been done to maintain the vehicle. 

The Trucking Company Is More Combative

Dealing with a trucking company and their insurance company for an accident is going to result in a legal matter that is more combative. They specialize in these types of accidents with trucks and know what to do in order to pay as little as possible to accident victims. They will start preparing to be on the defense from the moment the accident happens and they are notified, so it will make the legal battle much harder to take on alone. 

The Lawyer Fees Will Likely Be On A Contingency Basis

Don't think that you can hire a lawyer for the lawsuit against a trucking company? Know that lawyers typically work on a contingency basis for your case. Lawyers do this if they feel like they have a chance of winning your case, and you'll only be charged if you win a settlement. 

To learn more information, reach out to a truck accident lawyer near you.


16 June 2021

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