How Car Accidents Can Lead To Life-Long Disabilities


When you are involved in a car accident, you might find yourself suffering from health problems for a long time. If you never recover, you may find it difficult or impossible to find and maintain a job. Therefore, it will be important to seek medical treatment for your injuries early on and to seek compensation for your injuries.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Even if you are not physically injured, you might suffer from PTSD. As a result, you might suffer from fear and mistrust for the rest of your life. This can prevent you from actively participating in the economy and working jobs that require operating a motor vehicle.

You may need a lifetime of therapy and you may still fail to recover. Therefore, when you are settling after your accident, you'll need to make sure that the settlement is large enough to cover your expenses in the future. 

Neck and Back Injuries

Healing from a neck and back injury can be a very long process. In some cases, back and neck injuries never fully heal. This can make it difficult to perform certain tasks such as lifting heavy objects or performing manual labor. You may be unable to transition into a different line of work.

In extreme cases, a back injury may even lead to paralysis. If this is the case, you may end up wheelchair-bound and unable to do jobs that require that you stand or maneuver around a particular area.

Severe Burns

If you suffer severe burns, you may suffer from long-term pain. This may make it difficult to work for a long period of time because the pain will be very distracting. Having your face disfigured by a burn can also prevent you from obtaining certain types of jobs. 


Having a limb amputated is a catastrophe and you may be forced to enter into a new line of work even if you are able to use a prosthetic limb. Therefore, you will need to speak with an auto accident attorney about how you might be able to seek compensation for not only your current medical expenses but expenses you expect to have in the far future.

Unfortunately, calculating the long-term damages you may suffer from your car accident can be difficult. Therefore, you will need to work closely with an auto accident attorney to build a case that will win so that you may receive compensation.  


13 September 2021

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