The Most Costly Mistakes Disability Payment Applicants Make And How To Avoid Them By Working With An Attorney


Some people do not know they are entitled to financial help when they become disabled. Others know this but don't understand the right steps to follow when applying for disability benefits. In most cases, applicants who are not well-informed on how to pursue these payments make costly mistakes when filling out their applications. As a result, they fail to get the benefits even when they have legitimate and substantial disabilities. Note that the best way to avoid errors when seeking disability payments is by working with an attorney. They will guide you throughout the process to help you avoid the following costly mistakes that may lead to a denial.

Applying for the payments while you're still working

Applying for disability payments while you're still working may lead to an automatic denial. This is because the organization that regulates these payments disapproves applications from people with gainful activities. Therefore, your application might not go through even if you work part-time. Instead, the people reviewing your case will assume you're making enough money to meet your needs, leading to an automatic denial. As such, your attorney will want to start the application process after determining that you're not employed.

Failing to get medical treatment

One of the primary requirements for qualifying for disability payments is having a condition that cannot improve. To prove this, you must provide evidence that you have been receiving treatment, but your condition has not improved. This explains why your attorney will want you to get consistent medical treatment for your condition. Doing this will give you the evidence needed to prove your case. More so, it will show that you have done your best to improve your condition but have been unsuccessful. On the other hand, if you fail to follow your doctor's treatment plan, the organization in charge of disability payments might not consider your symptoms or limitations.

Handling the process yourself

Handling the process yourself is the most costly mistake you can make. This is because you might not know the procedure to follow and the information to provide to qualify for the payments. Further, you might make application errors that may lead to a dismissal. However, if you work with an attorney, they will guide you through the process to prevent mistakes that may lead to a denial. Your disability lawyer will also get experts who can testify about your condition. Ultimately, this will boost your chances of qualifying for the benefits.

The above-listed mistakes can make you fail to qualify for disability payments even if you have a genuine case. Luckily, you can avoid them by working with an SSD attorney. They will guide you when preparing and filing your application to ensure you qualify for disability payments. For more information on social security disability services, contact a professional near you.


9 December 2022

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